Hi Pal, glad you found the REAL kk9 (a lot of ppl copied my name, ok, I have to say some of them are actually my re-sellers) here.

For first time customer, kindly read through the FAQ, and if you still have any doubt, do you see the green bubble at the bottom right, YES, click on it and send us a message or drop an email.

1. Why your price so high?
A: High? Quality means everything. If you are looking for anything cheap, boy, this is not where you should come. Maybe try aliexpress? 😀

2. How is your quality as compared with market?
A: THE BEST, from packaging, tags, labels, not even mention about the stitching and graphic.

3. Why should we trust you?
A: We’ve been doing business for more than 6 years, yes, from 2012, with givenchy, supreme, off-white. Look at the photography and you should know.

4. How can i make the payment?
A: Place your order and we will email you the instruction on HOW TO DO THE PAYMENT. Sensitive information will not be shared in the public. You know the rules.

5. Will you ship my items immediately upon the successful payment?
A: If your order was placed before 3:30pm GMT8+, and it will be dispatched from our warehouse within 48 hours. Why? We need to check the details before shipping off. SO, Don’t keep asking when.

6. How will you ship my items?
A: We use DHL as the primary courier, the cost will be US$26 for the FIRST 500 gram, and US$6 for the next. e.g. let’s say your order is about 3.5kg, and the shipping cost will be 26+6x3x2=62 in total. No cheaper one? Bro, Safety comes first.

7. Do you have any membership?
A: Yes, you will receive an invitation email when your spend more than US$ 1000

8. And what will be the discount?
A: You will know when we send you the email.

9. I can’t find what I am actually looking for on your site.
A: You can always leave us a message if you are looking for something and you can’t find it through the store.

10. How can I choose the sizing?
A: If you do have the preferred sizing, you can still write your height/weight and put the remark said, I need size M. We will proceed your order with your request.

11. Why you never put sizing for us?
A: We don’t want to confuse you, so, just leave your data and put remark, and we will choose the size for you.

And last, Please, Don’t, ask any stupid question.